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Short Term Rentals

Published on 5/18/2023
A group has been formed in the city called the Coalition to Address Short-Term Rentals (CASTR).  The goal of the group is to help the city address issues related to short-term rentals (such as AirBNBs or VRBOs).  In a few cases, these places have been rented for one night by teens for parties, inviting people from all over the city and the parties have occasionally devolved into fights or gunshots.  In our neighborhood, we tend to see problems more in the line of excess trash, scooters left on sidewalks, and extra cars taking up precious space.  We are working with the City-County Council to determine whether any local ordinances such as registration by owners, inspections, and the owner's contact information being made available to police and fire departments would be helpful.  Please contact if you have any of these problems.  CASTR cannot solve the immediate issue but will share the information with the city to determine what changes need to be made.

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